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  1. Disappointed with SAI M1A cleaning kit

    The M14
    I ordered the butt stock cleaning kit from SAI. The cloth bag for the cleaning rods was dry rotted...the pull tab came off......the ratchet chamber brush looked like it had the red mud of Vietnam spattered on it....Couldn't believe they shipped it like this.....and as i expected these item do...
  2. For Sale: Fulton Armory/Amega Super Scout Railed Handguard Price Drop

    I have a used Fulton Armory/Amega Super Scout Railed Hand guard Gen 2 up for sale. It is in like new condition except a small ding underneath the trademark/name. This happened when my rifle tipped over in my safe. Otherwise it is in like new condition. Has all mounting hardware secured and ready...
  3. Want To Buy: Fulton Armory solid black handguard

    Want To Buy
    Tag Your Listing When posting a new thread, please select the appropiate type of listing from the drop down menu to the left of creating your Thread Title: For Sale For Trade Want To Buy SPF - Sold Pending Funds SOLD - Well, you get the picture... Committing to Buy When committing to buy an...