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  1. New Member Introductions
    Classified ROE #1 Posting a thread A minimum of 30 posts are required before you can post a thread in the Classified PX/BX sections. DIEVIL
  2. Optics
    Hi from Nova Scotia. I have recently purchased a Norinco M14/ M305. I am looking for suggestions for scope mounts to fit this rifle at a reasonable price. Preferably not aluminum? Any ideas or suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks.
  3. Gun Shows
    I purchased this stock about one month ago from Treeline. It is a very nicely grained Birch Stock never issued so no markings. The stock comes with liner installed, front ferrule, forward grip mounting hardware (but no forward grip) and an aftermarket rubber butt pad that fits well and is of...
1-3 of 22 Results