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  1. PX
    For sale is a Boyd’s stocks M14 Stock with National match contour. I’ve been sitting on this for about 5 years and went with a McMillan for my match M14 build. there are some dings to the stock, and a small split/crack near the butt but I don’t think this would be harmful to the performance of a...
  2. SPF
    For sale is an excellent condition USGI Flash Hider. Does not include front sight, or castle nut or any screws. $80 shipped. Sold to E150GT.
  3. BX
    I have a reproduction M2 M14/M1A bipod For sale. It has what appears to be a blued finish, fits both my M1A Standard and Scout Squad perfectly (won’t fit my SOCOM). Legs extend and lock in place as they should and it rotates right and left with ease. $100.00 shipped (Sold Pending Funds)...
  4. PX
    I have for sale a 1961 H&R 22” M14 barrel. Muzzle is 1, Throat is a 1, it’s a SAI takeoff that is lightly used. Asking $150 shipped to lower 48
  5. SPF
    contact me for more pictures Specs: -M1A Loaded with 22" chrome barrel -Sage EBR chassis -Sage vertical grip -Sadlak scope mount -Atlas bipod -Weaver tactical 40mm rings -Leupold Mk. IV LR/T 3.5-10x-40mm scope with TMR reticle -Smith Enterprises muzzle comp -7 steel mags I have A LOT of ammo...
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    Classified ROE #1 Posting a thread A minimum of 30 posts are required before you can post a thread in the Classified PX/BX sections. DIEVIL
  7. PX
    Redacted by seller
  8. SPF
    Howdy folks, Decided to sell my SAI "Loaded" model. I recently purchased a new vehicle, and since building my M1 Garand, my M1A basically collects dust (funny how an M1 will do that!). So, I'm selling the M1A to help offset the down payment on my new Tahoe. I am the original owner of this...
  9. Optics
    Hi from Nova Scotia. I have recently purchased a Norinco M14/ M305. I am looking for suggestions for scope mounts to fit this rifle at a reasonable price. Preferably not aluminum? Any ideas or suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks.
  10. PX
    Have three barrels with less than 100 rounds through them for sale. One is a medium weight SEI Crazy Horse barrel with the OP rod guide for $225.00 plus actual shipping. Two SAI Scout barrels ARE SOLD!! Also have multiple stocks, everything from Arcangel to GI glass to SAI walnut to Big Red...
  11. Gun Shows
    I purchased this stock about one month ago from Treeline. It is a very nicely grained Birch Stock never issued so no markings. The stock comes with liner installed, front ferrule, forward grip mounting hardware (but no forward grip) and an aftermarket rubber butt pad that fits well and is of...
  12. SPF
    Been away from the forums for a while. Good to be back. Cleared out the safe to move it to epoxy coat the safe room floor and realized how much I missed shooting my M14's. Got all fired up to do the next build. Well, I planned on using one of these on an M21 build. I didn't realize that you...
  13. PX
    Here's your chance to own a piece of history! I'm parting with the nicest rifle in my collection, a Springfield M1A made under the supervision of Mr. Ballance himself! Serial number 002019 dates this 'Devine' piece of art around '74. All original parts as far as I know, with DEVINE TX markings...