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  1. Ammunition
    Hi guys, I wanted to try out a range of different ammo for my M1A (LRB NM, medium weight, 1:10 twist, chrome moly, parkerized barrel). I was looking at some Federal Premium 125gr TRU, Fiocchi 150gr FMJ, and Federal Premium 175gr BTHP rounds. Can anyone tell me what results I should expect with...
  2. SPF
    WTS FTF in Tampa Bay, FL: over 1000rds of various .45 ACP/Auto ammo I have many boxes of .45 ACP/Auto I have accumulated, but I sold my 1911 and no longer need them. Some are FMJ, some are JHP. Winchester White Box, Remington UMC, DoubleTap Ammo (that's the black boxes with the white printed...
1-2 of 2 Results