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  1. Replace Comp on M1a Socom 16"

    The SOCOM Rifle
    I've a lovely new M1A Socom 16" with the glass stock, tritium front sight and compensator. The local range does not permit competition with the compensator because it is "unfair to the nearby competitors?" Total BS, but that's how it is. I'd like to put a flash hider or just a plain end cap...
  2. For Sale: Springfield Armory Flash Suppressor

    Hello! I have a flash suppressor from SA for sale. This part came off my SA M1A NM rifle with less than 150 rds shot through it. See pics attached. JUST the flash suppressor, no castle nut, no allen screw, no front sight and no bayonet lug. I have PayPal and Zelle. Asking 25$ + shipping.
  3. swapping out flash hider with bayonet lug

    The M14
    I have a Springfield M1a with the ground off bayonet lug. I have one with a bayonet lug to replace it. using the castle nut pliers is it possible to remove the flash hider or do i need to get the services of gunsmith.....looks like its pressed on...any advise folks?? Tony Brown
  4. Want To Buy: Dummy M-14 flash hider with bayonet lug

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a dummy M-14 flash hider that includes the bayonet lug (I live in CA with its many dumb gun laws). It should look just like the real thing except that the flash hider cuts are all filled in. Ted Brown used to have these (it is the one of the left)...
  5. Castle-Nut Pliers -- SOLD

    (SOLD!) From Brownells, still relatively new-ish. One-time use on a project about a month ago. 12.00 shipped. Paypal gift preferred. Solid gunbroker feedback.
  6. Want To Buy: M14 NM flash hider

    Want To Buy
    Im looking for a NM Flash Hider, if someone would be willing to trade for some silver coins. I would consider usgi or commercial anything forged.
  7. newbie configuring M1A's!

    New Member Introductions
    Gentlemen, I'm just another Army Captain with the taste and class to have fallen in love with the M14s we were re-issued in Iraq, came home and bought one. My preference was for the Norinco Polytech receivers and w/ cromed barrels because of application: ridiculously tough rifle able to hit a...
  8. For Sale: TROY Muzzle Brake

    I have a Brand NEW Troy Industries M14/M1A Muzzle Break for sale- direct connect no sight post/slog. This is Brand new and never made it onto my rifle. $55.00 plus 9 for shipping. Vortex FH is pending sale/receipt of funds
  9. WTT: FH for Brake

    I would like to trade my USGI NM Reamed Flash Hider for a Surefire Muzzle brake/adapter. I have some hopes of putting a can on her one day and this is the setup I really want. Will pay shipping.