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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I was referred to this website from SnipersHide, and I'm very glad to have stumbled across this forum. I've been lurking for about a month or so, and now just registered after picking up my first (i already want other models) SAI M1A NM. The CA 10-day cool-down period was...
  2. The M14
    At the range today, I only put 10 rounds through my M1A. Should I go ahead and clean the bore (solvent and oil)? I hear that more damage is caused by overcleaning, but I've also heard that I should clean the bore and regrease after each trip to the range. How often should i clean the bore...
  3. The M14
    I know that you should only disassemble the rifle about once a year or every 500 rounds. But for the past 12 years, I've had the habit of disassembling any gun I shoot after every trip to the range which is about once per week. Now I have a Loaded M1A which is not glass-bedded. So it won't do...
1-3 of 3 Results