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  1. Stock
    I recently purchased a Boyds medium contour laminated birch stock for my M1A. I am upgrading from the synthetic stock it came with, and wanting to transfer as much of the hardware as possible to save money. My main concern is the stock ferrule, which I removed and attempted to put on the new...
  2. Stock
    I have been thinking about performing the relatively simple procedure of trimming material off of the front ferrule to eliminate the chance of it contacted the gas cylinder during firing. I have a SA loaded model with the synthetic stock and am wondering if this is a good or bad idea since I...
  3. Accuracy
    First off, i have been reading a lot about reinforcing my flimsy SA synthetic stock (loaded model), or purchasing a new stock in the future. While looking over my rifle i have found something interesting and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how it may effect my accuracy/poi shift...
1-3 of 4 Results