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  1. Closing Bolt on Round in Chamber Bad?

    Bolt Action
    I took up a habit of dropping a round straight into my chamber before closing the bolt or dropping it on top of the mag and then closing the bolt on my R700. I've read that you shouldn't do this with mag-fed handguns since this can damage the extractor, but will it do the same on a bolt action...
  2. Bula Bolt Kit

    1. Bula Bolt Kit - NEW - $65 - SOLD 2. Bula Bolt Kit - NEW - $65 - SOLD Includes: Bula Firing Pin - Chrome Bula Extractor Bula Extractor Spring Bula Extractor Plunger Bula Ejector Bula Ejector Spring Please reply with "I'll take it" followed by a PM for payment information. Payment Terms...
  3. NOT HAPPY with my SA M1a extractor

    The M14
    Greetings all last march i purchased a brand new springfield arms M1A. I ordered 500 rounds of PMC 150Gr. cleaned it, took it to the range in the end of may (life got in the way) Mounted a nikon scope, started shooting, things looked good after three trips to the range, on round number 147 the...
  4. Shoot but no extract

    The M14
    I have an early SI 007xxxx that I inherited from a buddy in the USMC. Recently it does not eject. I have field stripped and cleaned and the gas piston is working properly. The cartridge will stay in the chamber and a new one is not racked from the magazine. Any suggestions would be...
  5. New M1A broken extractor

    The M14
    M1A Enthusiasts, I recently purchased my first rifle, An M1A Scout Squad with walnut stock, I put 10 rounds through it, and then reloaded and shot four more rounds and then...nothing... I found out that the extractor had broken... As many have said I talked to SA CS and found them to be...
  6. New production SAI M1A Loaded range report, sad. UPDATE.

    The M14
    I just bought my first M14 pattern rifle, SAI M1A mfr date 6/14. I was really excited to get to the range and shoot it. First three shots at 25yds was a good group but a little off so I made sight adjustments. Went to fire another 3 shot group and the extractor broke on the 5th round ever fired...