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  1. Sage M14ALCS EBR Stock Mod 0

    Want To Buy
    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a Sage M14ALCS chassis for my M1A and I can't seem to find one anywhere. I even reached out to Sage but its been months with no reply. Anyone know where I can find one or anyone selling a used one? Thanks
  2. Sage Chasis

    Gents, apologies if this has been mentioned, but with regard to the Sage EBR chasis, I believe the mk0, the one with the two bar collapsable stock w/cheek well, do these kits typically come with optic mounting solutions above the chamber? Or is the cantilevered mount which is like another 250...
  3. Sage EBR MOD1 stock

    Greetings all, I am selling my Sage stock pictured below. It is in great condition and includes a comfortable Ergo palm shelf grip BUT, it is missing the following parts. - EBR op rod guide block (3 op rod guide screws included with stock) - side & bottom picatinny rails - Kydex handguard -...
  4. Want To Buy: Sage Telescoping Stock... $100?...

    Want To Buy
    Does anyone have a loose Sage telescoping stock for the Sage chassis? My EBR has the AR style and I’d love the telescoping stock for it.
  5. M1A Loaded EBR Hammer Broke/Replaced

    Modern M14
    Thanks to Orlando I was able to replace my broken cast hammer on my M1A. Springfield honored the warranty but they wanted me to ship the trigger group to them. I figured it was better to keep my trigger and replace it with a GI hammer. Thanks to you all and Orlando, easy sauce.
  6. SA Bolt Disassembled Itself While Shooting

    Modern M14
    Yes, you read the title correctly. Today, April 20th, 2019, I witnessed black magic. So I was shooting my SA M1A Loaded EBR in the prone at 100yds when, on the last shot out of the EBR for the day, I saw my extractor shoot straight up and out of the bolt onto the floor in front of me perfectly...
  7. M14 EBR: 5 Years of Ownership (VIDEO)

    Modern M14
    Hello everyone, I have finished a video that I made regarding a few common questions from this forum as well as any information that I thought was helpful for new buyers and owners alike. The original forum post is linked...
  8. New EBR shooting video

    The M14
    Hello everyone! After a long break from taking my camera to the range I decided to make a video last weekend. It's nothing special, just some first person views from my GoPro and then some side shots from my Canon Rebel. BE WARNED: I had just bought active ear pro that Monday and was so...
  9. My M14 - Black MC Sage Mod 1 Stock

    Modern M14
    Good evening, folks! I finally have my rifle in a condition where I wanted to share it! This rifle started as a SOCOM II with extended cluster rail. After playing around with the wood stock traditional look, I picked up an NM rifle from Jon Wolfe, so I thought I would make this one modern...
  10. M1A EBR SAGE ALCS Build - Request for some help

    Modern M14
    Hello, I've recently decided to begin building an M1A EBR for long range shooting, and hunting purposes. The longest shot I will take will probably be around 500 yards, but I want to build a rifle that will perform well past that for years to come. While looking for information online, I found...
  11. Want To Buy: Sage International USMC BEK

    Want To Buy
    Looking to get a Sage international Navy Seal Grey or Flat dark earth Butt Stock Extension kit Old Style not the new one.Looking to pay $100 Thanks for looking. GI2 Joe
  12. M14 Videos

    Modern M14
    Seeing that the M14 pictures forum is running strong I thought It'd be a good idea to start a thread focused on sharing videos! I share my range trip videos on here every once in awhile and figured I'm not the only one recording my shooting, so I'll start it off. Here's a video I recently made...
  13. Which EBR stock do I choose?

    Modern M14
    Fellow M1A enthusiast, I have owned a M1A scout squad in walnut for about a year. I'm interested in a SAGE EBR stock and want to know what the best options are for the scout squad model. I would like something with a pistol grip as well as a nice bipod, and I don't need anything crazy as far...
  14. Trying to get an Idea on what this is worth.

    Modern M14
    Hey everyone so i bought a SAGE M1A EBR a few years ago and while it shoots great but ever since I picked up my M60 its just been sitting in it's case. So Im going to be listing it soon however before i do that I wanted to consult some experts and see what something like this is actually worth...
  15. EBR; Iron Sights or Holo/Red Dot?

    Modern M14
    Hello all! Recently I have purchased an EOTech 551 for my EBR. I am wondering what is the best for MY EBR? I like both irons and Holo but what do you guys think? I mostly use this gun for close in (less than 200yds) shooting. Yes I know a NM is beset used out further but I don't want to buy a...
  16. Kley-Zion Mounts: Are they worth squat?

    Modern M14
    Thread title says it all. I'm having a hard time finding ANY decent analysis of the cantilever rip-offs. Does anyone have any personal experience with them--hopefully to explain why they're 100 dollars cheaper than the official equivalent?
  17. She may be fat, but can she move? (EBR)

    Modern M14
    So basically I want to know how you guys have your EBR set up and how you run it. Are you a bench shooter or a shoot & scoot type person like myself? Yeah it's a heavy platform for shooting on the move but over the past year and a half of ownership that's exactly how I've used it and I've...
  18. HELP!Got Sage EBR for my SOCOM, bullets flying everywhere.

    The SOCOM Rifle
    My setup. Sage EBR SOCOM smith enterprise FSB smith enterprise vortex flash hider Larue LT 608 cantilever scope mount warner low scope rings Vortex viper 6.5-20 scope standard clip holder 5 months ago I put a EBR chassis on my SOCOM, it feels great. However I've had a hard time sighting it in...
  19. EBR YouTube Review

    Modern M14
    Hello people of the M14 Forum, I recently made a review of my Springfield M1A NM seated in the SAGE EBR chassis after 1,000rds and 1 year of ownership. I'd like your opinions and feedback if you don't mind! Feel free to comment/critique/discuss on my video...
  20. For Sale: New Sage EBR Fixed Stock Adaptor & Magpul 870 Stock

    Hey All, Have a New Sage EBR Fixed Stock Conversion Kit (M14ALCS/CVFS) with a Magpul 870 Shotgun Stock for us poor saps in Commiefornia that don't want to deal with the bullet button BS. The stock will come with spacers to adjust for LOP & all 3 comb height inserts. Pics.... On the...