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  1. Devine M1A
    Anyone can tell me if this rifle is legit and original, km looking to buy but not sure if its a real one thanks all https://picasaweb.google.com/m/viewer#album/nsmg50/5205834048301996817
  2. SPF
    Do to a member committing to buy, then shortly thereafter not responding further after I agreed to his suggested payment type, this rifle is back on the market. Instead of reposting everything again, I will link the other thread here...
  3. SPF
    Up for sale is an excellent condition Springfield Armory M1A Devine rifle. This rifle is serial numbered 00097# and comes with two GI 20 round magazines and a GI bipod. Unknown if this rifle was ever fired but the barrel and chamber and rest of the rifle is immaculate. I have included...
  4. PX
    Here's your chance to own a piece of history! I'm parting with the nicest rifle in my collection, a Springfield M1A made under the supervision of Mr. Ballance himself! Serial number 002019 dates this 'Devine' piece of art around '74. All original parts as far as I know, with DEVINE TX markings...
  5. SPF
    Greetings, gentlemen. First let me say that I have not been more active than occasionally lurking here for the past several years. I have done most of my online trading at the Georgia Outdoors Trader, and you can see my feedback there if you are interested...
  6. PX
    I have a mint condition Devine marked NM. It has a vinted handgard. Kit in butt, never been out. TRW marked bolt etc. Some acraglass shows, which I think is normal. Could not be improved on IMO. I cannot post pics, but will mail them to the first person who commits to purchase, pending receipt...
  7. Bargains
    Springfield Armory, M1A, Devine Texas #777 for auction here: http://www.artfact.com/auction-lot/springfield-armory-inc.-m1a-standard-rifle-early-2-u-4b54824ad4
1-7 of 7 Results