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cmi m1a mags

  1. For Trade: Want to trade CMI mags and cash for scope

    Hello... I've decided to put a Leupld FX-II Scout scope on my M1A Scout and would like to trade for it. I have 5 CMI 20 round magazines in the original wrapper, a Fulton hand guard clamp remover, original SA operating spring rod guide and a little cash. I would like to get the scope with rings...
  2. CMI 25 round magazines proving unreliable

    It's been a while since I updated the status of "My short cycling Socom 16". I received the rifle back from S/A with a fitted op rod & test fired. The 'smith flagged all the CMI 25 round mags as having weak springs, did not test them. I sent the mags to CMI with the request make them...
  3. Checkmate Industries USGI mags

    Hi folks, we have CMI usgi 20 rnd mags for $20.00 each, flat rate shipping of $10.00, These are new and are the factory oem mags for Springfield armory. Give us a shout and let us know how many you want. Thanks Paul or Jim 913-633-8400