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  1. New M1A Scout Squad question

    Modern M14
    Hello all, I have always wanted an M1 Garand but then got to see the M1A and fell in love with it. I just bought a new one but the gun store did not have one from the box and I really didn't want to wait and bought the one off the shelf. I noticed a couple of marks on the bolt but didn't think...
  2. Advice on a dirty spindle valve?

    The M14
    I was out hunting with a buddy of mine last night deer hunting. We were walking across a dried lake bed when I a misstep sent me waist deep into a bog. Apparently soil and grass was floating onto of the little remaining water. My rifle was absolutely trashed. The barrel went straight into the...
  3. M1A Loaded - mixed review

    Modern M14
    Let me start by saying that I've been shooting guns for over 50 years and reloading for almost 40 years. I was lucky to be around firearms my entire life and have gone through my fair share of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I've been in love with the M14 since I first saw it on TV, but I had to...
  4. Shot my socom 16 for the first time...

    The SOCOM Rifle
    Shot about 200 rounds out of my socom 16 last weekend and came home to find some broken parts. One of the teeth on the hammer broke right off and the end of the tube that holds the cleaning kit broke. I ordered a new hammer from treeline but im having a hard time fiding a new cleaning kit tube...
  5. combo tool and m1 cleaning kit question

    The M14
    I have a USGI re-parked combo tool for my m1a, but brownells has only the m1 cleaning kit available right now (unfortunately a chinese production but ill take it) My question is if the thread pitch is the same for the m1 cleaning rods as the m14 combo tool?
  6. Cleaning an EBR?

    Modern M14
    I loved cleaning my M1A. Pop off the nice furniture, disassemble, sniff some G96, and put everything back. So relaxing. Good therapy on a rainy day. After I got my EBR on, went to the range, got home, and it was...oh, oh! How do I clean this thing? Plus look at all those holes for dirt...
  7. Hello from Austin, TX

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a National Match m1a with stainless barrel brand new from Springfield. I am a little overwhelmed with this new rifle.. Before I take it out I would really like any first timer tips that y'all are willing to give me (lubrication, bore cleaning/etc. What are your procedures for...
  8. How Do I Clean the Barrel?

    The M14
    Hi, I would like to know EXACTLY what to do when cleaning the barrel of an M1A. I plan on buying a 25" Dewey rod with a guide, Hoppes solvent, a bronze .30 cal brush, 2" round patches,and stripper clips to hold the bolt back. What I don't understand is what order to do things in when it comes...
  9. M21 newbie from Seattle

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm new to not just the forum but M1A's in general. Recently I purchased a Springfield Armory M21. While I've shot a friends standard and SOCOM, he is my leading experties at this point, I have some unanswered questions about the M21 (would apply to a Super Match as well)...
  10. Using 3-year-old Breakfree CLP

    The M14
    So I got a bottle of Breakfree CLP that I bought about 3 years ago. Does Breakfree, or any other oil/cleaner/preservative for that matter, have an expiration date? Has anyone ever used really old clp to clean their M1A? Thanks, J
  11. Are muzzle/crown protectors really necessary?

    The M14
    If I am careful while inserting the cleaning rod from the muzzle end, do I really need to buy a protector for the crown? I know that I can also use a spent 12ga shotgun shell for protecting the crown, but again, is that needed if I am careful. I am curious how many M1A owners here actually use...
  12. No need to clean the M1A before shooting?

    The M14
    I was under the impression that I needed to disassemble the entire rifle and clean/oil and grease all internal parts before firing for the first time. But according to Springfield Armory, I do not need to oil/clean any internal parts (such as the trigger group). They said I just need to keep...
  13. Best oil/grease to use on M1A

    The M14
    I know this has been covered before, but I want the most up-to-date info. What brand oil and what brand grease are best for a SA M1A Loaded in syn stock and ss barrel? I'm looking for an oil/grease that will protect the rifle and keep it running as reliably and for as long as possible. Many...