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cheek riser

  1. McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks at LRB!!

    LRB Arms
    After several months in production, we are happy to announce a limited inventory of McMillan Adjustable M3A stocks. These stocks are available for individual purchase, or to be used on a build. Remember, McMillan stock must be glass bedded. Click here for complete description.
  2. Cheek Rest Suggestions?

    The M14
    Hey guys, I have realized I need a cheek riser/rest for my M1A standard. I do not want to drill into or damage the walnut and I have a leather Garand sling for it as well. So I'm thinking a solid leather cheek rest would be ideal but if you guys know of a really good nylon cheek rest please...
  3. Want To Buy: Bradley Adjustable Cheek Riser

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a Bradley adjustable for the M1A. Please drop me a PM if you have a used one you'd like to sell. Thanks, D3
  4. Home made cheek riser for M1a with scope

    The M14
    After a couple trips to the range with my new scope mounted to my Springfield M1a I decided that I absolutely need a cheek riser. Maybe a no brainer to most, but am relatively new to optics. After a lot of research and talking to more experienced friends I opted to make my own rather than buy...