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  1. Cheek Rest Suggestions?

    The M14
    Hey guys, I have realized I need a cheek riser/rest for my M1A standard. I do not want to drill into or damage the walnut and I have a leather Garand sling for it as well. So I'm thinking a solid leather cheek rest would be ideal but if you guys know of a really good nylon cheek rest please...
  2. RRMW 03A4 w/ Replica M1D Pad and Scope Cover

    Steel and Wood
    I installed the replica M1D cheek pad and replica leather scope covers the other day. Shooting with the cheek pad is a lot more comfortable. I know it's not regulation but just thought I would share ;).
  3. WTB SEI Smith Enterprise Cheek Piece

    Want To Buy
    I need a new or exc condition Smith Enterprise Cheek Piece in 3 Color Desert (DCU) camo, NOT the newer Universal (ACU) camo. I need one like in this pic from the SEI website: If you have one or know where I can get one, please PM me. I will buy outright or purchase a new SEI cheek piece (color...