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  1. My current M1A project - carbon fiber stock

    Here are a few images from my current M1A project. I made a carbon fiber composite stock to add to my M1A. It's lighter than the synthetic stock that comes standard from Springfield and I think it looks much cooler to boot! I've been impact testing the stock to see how durable it is and so...
  2. Carbon fiber composite M1A stock

    Modern M14
    Hello, I'm new to the forum but I wanted to share my latest project. I have made a carbon fiber composite M1A stock and I wanted to get some feed back on its looks and what other features it should have. I have a business making high-end telescopes and I'm fortunate to own a CNC machine...
  3. Want To Buy: Aerospace/Carbon Fiber Stock

    Want To Buy
    Hueygunner made a few of these several years ago. I'd like to buy some. If you have one you'd like to part with, let me know.