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  1. 9x19 "Luger" and 9x18mm. brass, $85.00 Includes XTP's!!

    NO LONGER FOR SALE No longer for sale. FAMILY!! Found the Makarov brass I was so frantically trying to load before I sold my last PM!! And a lot of 9x19mm. P.08 "Luger", too, plus some of the devastating XTP 124-grain JHP bullets. Have the below: (1. 100 rounds red "lipstick"...
  2. .308 brass and bullets, first quality stuff $37.00 ppd.

    sold sold soldReloader's small package for .308/7.62x51mm. 98 rounds of brass--50 .308 Winchester, unused new in factory pack, REMINGTON brand, bagged, unprimed, 32 PMC .308 once fired, 6 PMP military format .308 PROBABLY ONCE FIRED, 10 Lake City once fired pull down LONG RANGE...
  3. For Sale: Mk 319 130gr SOST Bullets

    Sold I have 987 of these bullets, they are not pulls. bought as new bullets from Everglades a year or so ago. i'll sell them for $285 shipped. paypal + 3%, check until it clears, money order. this is the last of my stash, 2 sealed everglades bags, 2 bag in ziploc because the Everglades bags...
  4. For Sale: RCBS Berdan Decapper NATO Brass

    I am selling a bedan depriming tool. I have only used it once works like a charm. All parts are in great shape. The price includes shipping. Comes complete with small booklet and all the tools. Feel free to ask questions. I am up for trade for certain dies and depth gauges, or a nice set of ear...