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  1. Want To Buy: LRB Receiver

    Want To Buy
    I would like to acquire a LRB receiver m14sa non lugged. I have a few items for trade. In Ohio FTF preferable. I do have an FFL if we can arrange something. I have the following for trade. keep in mind, i just need the receiver, barrel installed is fine.... I'm trying to return a favor of an...
  2. Starting M40 Build

    USMC M40 Rifle
    Finally started my M40 build. Have had all the parts for awhile but a PCS move and dad duties have put it off a couple years. Got my garage worked over a bit and pulled everything out of it’s long hybernation. Got as far as inspecting, cleaning and lapping the lugs. I shouldn’t have had to...
  3. Barreled Receivers | Bula | SEI | SAI | Sadlak | ShootingSight | Fulton Armory | Sage | USGI | Boyd's

    Had total knee replacement surgery in 2017 and got completely sidelined for the last few years. Just starting to get back in the saddle now, but need to thin the herd at this point. Way too many projects! This sale is personal and not a business. Thanks! Please reply with "I'll take it" with...

    LRB Arms
    Gunsmithing done right. Click here for pictures.
  5. "Walter Mitty" DMR Build-Suggestions, hints, tips are welcomed

    Modern M14
    How's it going guys and gals. I'm looking to add to my collection of weapons with an M14. I've always loved the platform, and now is the right time for me to start building one. What I have in mind is Walter Mitty type DMR build (Yes, I've been over Gus Fisher's thread) that is capable of 8"-10"...
  6. Want To Buy: Parts for my FIRST M14 Build

    Want To Buy
    Going to order a parts kit from Windy-City after doing some more saving.
  7. Garand to M14?

    Steel and Wood
    I just inherited a Springfield Armory garand receiver. Can this receiver be used to build an M14/M1A type rifle or do I need a genuine M1A receiver. If I can use this for a build, will it need any machining? I want to build a scout type m1A style rifle. 16 inch barrel, scout scope, etc.
  8. Any complete guides on building an M14 clone?

    Hey guys, I am building my first M14 and I am really excited about this project. I have locked down a USGI bolt, barrel and a parts kit. I will have the bolt and barrel put on an LRB receiver by a gunsmith but will assemble the rest of the rifle myself. I have been looking around but I haven't...
  9. Newbie with a new project and LOOOTS of questions

    The M14
    Hey guys, For those of you that didn't see my introduction post, my name is Steven Winegar and I have joined the forum because I want to buy/build my first M14 platform rifle. My vision is to find all USGI parts, have the bolt and barrel adjusted by a gunsmith on an LRB or James River Armory...
  10. My Very First Hand-Me-Down M1A Socom II

    Modern M14
    This will be my first thread on with the M14 forum, actually it's my first post at all, but I have been lurking here long enough to get the itch and acquire my first SA M1A. I recently swapped my dust collecting AR for a well taken care of, but ugly as nails M1A Socom II in a seudo-paratrooper...
  11. First (almost) finished m1a

    This is the first M1A that I have owned and i just thought i would share it with anyone who wants to see: Model: SA loaded Mount: Sadlak Airborne Scope: U.S. Optics 1.8-10x37mm (GAP Ret.) Stock: JAE-100 G3 Sling and Bipod: TBD (i have a 3-point sling that would just look tacky on this with the...
  12. Marine Quantico build?

    My local gun store has an M1A supposedly buildt by the Marine precision team at Quantico. The serial number is 41124 anyone have any information on this gun. They said it is rear lugged. It has a heavy Kreiger barrel, oversized stock etc. I would appreciate your assistance since I am probably...
  13. New SOCOM 16 Build Advice

    Modern M14
    Hello Everyone, I am considering purchasing a rifle and I would like to run my ideas past you all to see what the experts think. I would like a SOCOM 16, with a JAE stock and Magpul's Angled Grip, the Ultimak M8 top rail with a Leupold 2.5 IER Scout Scope. With a Delta P thread adapter so I...