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  1. 9x19 "Luger" and 9x18mm. brass, $85.00 Includes XTP's!!

    NO LONGER FOR SALE No longer for sale. FAMILY!! Found the Makarov brass I was so frantically trying to load before I sold my last PM!! And a lot of 9x19mm. P.08 "Luger", too, plus some of the devastating XTP 124-grain JHP bullets. Have the below: (1. 100 rounds red "lipstick"...
  2. .308 brass and bullets, first quality stuff $37.00 ppd.

    sold sold soldReloader's small package for .308/7.62x51mm. 98 rounds of brass--50 .308 Winchester, unused new in factory pack, REMINGTON brand, bagged, unprimed, 32 PMC .308 once fired, 6 PMP military format .308 PROBABLY ONCE FIRED, 10 Lake City once fired pull down LONG RANGE...
  3. M14 Ejector failure with Scope Mount

    The M14
    Hey Guys I recently bought a Norinco M14. I mounted a UTG Scope Mount to it and now it isn't ejecting the cases properly (as seen in the video below) every second shoot gets jammed. Without Scope Mount it was ejecting just fine. There are also brass traces on the Scope Mount. Does anybody know...
  4. *Claimed*

    Pay It Forward
    I recently took the greatest battle implement ever devised to the range for some trigger time and have some once fired brass for who ever wants it. There is only about 60 pieces but I figured it should go to someone who can get some use out of it. $5 should cover the shipping, I will try and...
  5. Peruvian FAME SAC Ball ammo, anyone load it??

    Stuff went boom no problem, just as expected. It is cheapo stuff so I didn't have high expectations from the factory loaded stuff. Anyone get around to loading it?? I could've sworn I tried and reload it a few years back and broke off a few pins. Thought I remembered it had tiny flash hole...
  6. For Sale: S&W 500 Magnum Casings

    I have a few boxes and a mixed bag of 110 S&W 500 Mag Casings - Nickel and Brass - Hornady 500 gr. Brass, Winchester 375 gr. Nickel, and Federal 325 gr. brass. All in perfect condition. I'll throw in a bag of mixed .38 Special, .38 Special +P, and .357 Mag casings for free! $70 Shipped. Money...
  7. Ammunition Recall Link

    Here is a link for Ammunition being recalled by the Manufacturer. Thought it would be helpful: It is updated. http://www.firearmsid.com/Recalls/Ammo_Recalls%201.htm