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  1. Want To Buy: Remington 600 6mm bolt

    Want To Buy
    Classified WTB #6 When listing a Want To Buy, please include a maximum price as your budget to spend. I need the bolt for a Remington 600 in 6mm caliber. kindly contact me if you know know where one is available.
  2. Problem with ar15: the bolt won't completely open when last round shooted

    M16 AR15
    Hello everyone I have a mysterious problem with my ar15: after 1000 shots without issues, now it fails to catch the bolt completely open after the last round is shooted. 1-If I hold pulled the bolt catch and i shoot the last round it works properly and the bolt stay open correctly. 2-The...
  3. Want To Buy: USGI SA Bolt and Barrel

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to the M1A/M14 platform. I want to build a rifle using all USGI parts on a forged receiver. I'm looking specifically for an SA USGI bolt and barrel for my build. Please email me to [email protected] if you have either of these parts or other parts that...
  4. Bolt Removal With Scope Mount

    The M14
    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it. I can't seem to remove the bolt from the receiver on my M1A with the SA 3rd gen scope mount in place. When I do the "twist", the firing pin won't come through the groove. Is it possible? Does it just take a bunch of cussing and a...
  5. For Sale: WTS TRW Bolts new in the wrapper

    I have to thin some of my spare parts. I just opened a sealed pack of TRW bolts. They are $300 a piece shipped in the US. I will include all the guts so these will be complete. Let me know if you want me to assemble it for you. There are 5 available. The bolts reads 7790186 TRW Z6 Postal money...
  6. Want To Buy: LRB or USGI stripped bolt

    Want To Buy
    Found and bought one, Thanks!
  7. Stickey Trigger out of Box

    The M14
    I did a bunch of reading and was able to determine what the issues. But I need help fixing it. SOCOM 16 brand new (Guy bought and never shot it). 50 Rounds 168 Grain .308win. No Cycle every 5-8 rounds. Did tilt test at 30* and works great without trigger group. Once installed, the bolt...
  8. New M1A Not Locking Into Battery

    The M14
    I recently bought a SA M1A standard, possible NM, at least the front sight, model that has never been fired. It was originally bought in 2011 and stored by the previous owner. I took it to the range and after a few FTF I realized the bolt wasn't going completely into battery. This was causing a...
  9. For Sale: M1A/M14 Lots Of Parts And Tools

    I am sorry if I haven't responded to all inquiries. I only joined yesterday and I didn't realize that the messages don't go to my email, but that I had to get into the forum to view message activity. I also had a little problem setting the status of the pending sale. I read some of the...
  10. Bushmaster 16" HBAR Upper Reciever *Price Reduced*

    I have for sale my Bushmaster HBAR 16" (HEAVY BARREL) upper reciever with the following specs..... THIS UPPER IS SOLD WITH NO BOLT CARRIER OR CHARGING HANDLE 1/9 twist chromed line Very Low round count per original owner 16" Heavy barrel A2 upper (Fully adjustable windage and elevation) 11...
  11. For Sale: Winchester Complete Bolts for Sale

    I have 4 Assembled Winchester Bolt Groups for sale: Each Bolt Comes with: Stainless Steel Firing Pin New Extractor New Ejector I am asking a fair price of 175 each + $6 Shipping by US Mail to the lower 48 states. Please contact me at 401-849-6214 Thanks Sgt. P.J. USMC Ret. DIEVIL
  12. M1A bolt stop problem

    The M14
    Hello everybody, This is one of the first posts I have made here, if not the very first, but I have been reading here for a while. This is an awesome forum and I am hoping you guys can help. I have a SA M1A loaded and I seem to be having trouble with the bolt stop. When I have a round in the...