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  1. Want To Buy
    Looking for an authentic ITAL barrel or one of the Citadel barrels that SARCO has peddled in the last couple years. Looking to spend $200 or less but everything is negotiable. Note that I'm not interested in a barrel for the "E" model BM-59. Thanks!
  2. Ammunition
    I'm new to this forum but have been scanning through quite a few threads and cannot find a definite answer here. I realize people mostly shoot milsurp 7.62 out of these. On Classic where I bought the rifle it says it is a ".308" so my question is can I put commercial .308 150gr through this...
  3. PX
    SPF* For Sale $2250 plus actual shipping. One Beretta BM59 rifle 7.62 with one original magazine; purchased from Reese Surplus and has never been fired by me (a genuine safe queen); Rifle is pristine and what I'd consider 99% condition. I have no idea if these rifles were issued or used before...