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  1. Fitting issues with Blackfeather

    Hello all, New member here but I've been reading a lot of the excellent guides on the M14. I recently purchased a Blackfeather stock and installed it into my SAI SOCOM 16 using Tony's very helpful videos. Everything seemed to go smoothly until I noticed that I had extremely tight lock-up with...
  2. Classified ROE #1, Posting a thread

    New Member Introductions
    Classified ROE #1 Posting a thread A minimum of 30 posts are required before you can post a thread in the Classified PX/BX sections. DIEVIL
  3. Blackfeather RS and Buttstock options

    The M14
    Hi guys! I have a few questions for anyone with experience with the Blackfeather Stock from M14.ca. I live in New Zealand and we have tonnes of m305s about so naturally I'm pretty interested in the platform as it is very versatile. Norincos are about $650nzd ($550usd) which is pretty cheap...