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  1. Pictures
    My Black Springfield Supermatch equipped with Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm optic mounted using a Sadlak Airborne side mount and Leupold Mark 4 'high' rings, Harris S-BRM bipod mounted using a Sadlak #1400520 retrofit QD post to accommodate the McMillan stock, VooDoo Tactical cheek riser. Just need...
  2. New Member Introductions
    About a month ago I finally bought an M1A, I've wanted one for about 25-30 years. Back then the $799 price tag scared me away. Wow, have things changed since then. This is the 'loaded' version and I love it!
  3. Pictures
    I hope this is in the right place - I have a Springfield M1A and an aftermarket bipod. I've attached the bipod to the gas tube, it just doesn't clamp down right, after a few shots, it fell of. Either I'm mounting it in the wrong place or the machining of the bipod isn't to spec. Can somebody...
  4. The M14
    Hello all, I have recently acquired a Norinco M305/M14 Short Barrel. To gain some stability on the range I bid on an e-bay mid range folding bipod with universal barrel adapter. I was surprised to find that the quality of this item was very, very good and was excited to add this to the firearm...
  5. Pictures
    Anyone have an good photos of M14 SAWs in Vietnam? Can be just a normal M14 Auto with the a M2 bipod, an M15 rifle, or a M14e2/a1. Would be greatly appreciated, thanks
1-5 of 12 Results