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  1. Gunsmithing
    So I went a little nuts last night on the M40 build. Original intent was to use the JbWood Weld for a tan color and only focus on the recoil lug. Well, after a first go, there was very little contact... I did a second go with the wood weld and it solidified in a couple minutes and I couldn’t...
  2. The M14
    I wanted to toss some pics up and if someone learns something from it its a good thing. I will loosely chronicle my bedding a Springfield Super Match / rear lug receiver that is NOT threaded (yet) and pillar bed it into a McMillan stock. Lets get started- 1) New never fired M1A Super match...
  3. Accuracy
    Got a kick out reading this that Art posted below: "The three B's are an excellent suggestion, I prefer, "The 4 B's", to include the Band. Keep us posted. Art" Of course Art is absolutely correct that everything having to do with the front band and the gas cylinder is very, VERY important to...
1-3 of 3 Results