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  1. SPF
    Used Bassett low profile mount has a couple of scratches otherwise solid. It's an extra that I have so I am selling. PayPal gift accepted $130 shipped Happy to send photos if desired.
  2. SPF
    Hey All, SOLD! Thanks! -Stick
  3. SPF
    SOLD Very "new" used once Bassett mount. I ended up going with a full sized Troy rail and stock system. The only markings is from my ring mounts on the rear of the mount (pictured as well). I used this for one whole day- zeroed my scope but fell for the Troy system in the following weeks...
  4. PX
    I have a Bassett high picatinny rail mount that has been mounted, but never fired. I would like to sell it for $130 + shipping or trade for a Bassett LOW picatinny mount.
1-4 of 4 Results