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bassett machine
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  1. Optics
    When I sold my first long range setup the mount and scope went with it. Just got in the Bassett Machine Low Picatinny and with the Badger rings it seems to be a good fit. Hopefully can test out my set up at Manatee Gun and Archery Club next weekend. They have out to 600 yards. I'll have to work...
  2. SPF
    For Sale: -Archangel M1a Precision Stock - painted in Flat Dark Earth -M1a Heat Shield - painted in Flat Dark Earth -Bassett Machine Low Scope Mount with included torque tool -Vortex Precision Match 30mm "Low" rings -Tango Down Bipod in Black I AM ONLY SELLING THE ITEMS LISTED ABOVE BARRELED...
  3. SPF
    SOLD Very "new" used once Bassett mount. I ended up going with a full sized Troy rail and stock system. The only markings is from my ring mounts on the rear of the mount (pictured as well). I used this for one whole day- zeroed my scope but fell for the Troy system in the following weeks...
1-3 of 3 Results