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  1. 1903 vs 1903A3 scope base question

    Steel and Wood
    I've been searching high and low and I'm just not finding a definitive answer to my question about 1903 scope bases and mounts. I have a Remington 1903 that has been drilled and tapped and I am working on turning it into as close to an A4 clone as I can. I'm basically down to finding the right...
  2. Want To Buy: Seeking Unertl "O" Base, front black Ring.

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a Unertl "O" scope base for M1903/M1941 build. Also could use an original black finished Unertl front ring (3/4") for visual accuracy. Thanks, CC
  3. New SAGE Cantilevered Detachable Sight base

    No longer available...
  4. Numrich scope mount, any thoughts?

    I have read the overarching be it all pdf on the forum regarding scope bases, as well as hundereds of threads ... that being said I was looking for thoughts from the way more experianced poeple of the forum out there about this item I saw on Numrich. Rifle in question is a MA9222 (loaded walnut...