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  1. Chrome lined barrel machining marks?

    The M14
    Anyone else have one of these marks in their barrel? I finally got my rifle complete, took it out to the range and got a few rounds through her. This is the problem child rifle that I'm sure some of you have seen me post before. Gave it a quick cleaning, and got a patch stuck in the bore. I...
  2. TRW barrel Unpunched and Overstamped: Use it?

    The M14
    Hello folks. Years ago I acquired a 'new' TRW parts kit along with a 'gone thru' (from SEI) Springfield M1A (69,). I love my accurate and reliable M1A. Lately I've been wondering what to do with my parts kit. Most parts were in their wrap. I've got everything except a receiver. I'm not up to...
  3. Bula Barreled XM21 Receiver

    Bula forged receiver, barrel and stripped bolt with roller. Barreled and head-spaced by Jeff Miller at Bula Defense Systems (.308). Bolts are lot B5. Shipped directly to your FFL in the lower 48. Your FFL must accept transfers from a private party seller. Bula Serial #34 - XM21 receiver with...
  4. Bula Barreled Receiver | Boyd's | Bula | Fulton | Sadlak | Sage | SEI | USGI |

    Thinning the herd! Bula Serial #TFL34 - Standard M14 receiver with 19.25” NM Medium Weight barrel and stripped bolt. Unfired - NEW - $800 shipped. - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod - Lot B3 - NEW - $175 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod NM Spring Guide - NEW - $25 - *SOLD* Bula Op-Rod Spring - NEW - $10 - *SOLD* Bula...
  5. Barreled Receivers | Bula | SEI | SAI | Sadlak | ShootingSight | Fulton Armory | Sage | USGI | Boyd's

    Had total knee replacement surgery in 2017 and got completely sidelined for the last few years. Just starting to get back in the saddle now, but need to thin the herd at this point. Way too many projects! This sale is personal and not a business. Thanks! Please reply with "I'll take it" with...
  6. LRB ARMS - Send us your parts for a build

    LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  7. Want To Buy: M1A barreled receiver **First build**

    Want To Buy
    Good morning!! I am excited to start this new project and journey! I am in search of a barreled receiver to start my first build. If you have something you are willing to sell please feel free to message me, thank you for your time!
  8. 22" Criterion Chrome Lined Med Weight Barrel

    Hey All, Just had Jon Wolfe throw one of his 18.5" Modifieds on my M25. This is the original 22" and has approximately 200 +/- rounds through it. Shows the usual wear but nothing out of the ordinary. Pics.... Asking $175 shipped to the lower US 48. Discrete Paypal "Gift" preferred...
  9. Replacing barrel M1A Loaded

    I have an M1A loaded that needs to have its barrel replaced. I was hoping to switch to a scout-type shorter barrel. Would I have to buy a medium contour barrel? Or would the normal ones work?
  10. Want To Buy: Building Winchester and need a good barrel

    Want To Buy
    Looking for a VG+ condition Winchester barrel for my Winchester (James River Armory reweld) M14 receiver. Have some parts to trade and also cash. Contact me at [email protected]
  11. For Sale: Upgraded M1 Garand barrel selection

    Have cobbled together a batch of new M1 Garand barrels, including latest Citadel upgrades, phosphate finished, in both .308 and .30 Caliber. $160 each shipped (I pay shipping) to the lower 48. They're 4 groove, 1 turn in 10", and far higher quality than the older versions. New ones are...
  12. For Sale: M1 barrels .30/06 M1 Garand WILSON ARMS

    These are bead blasted, new standard GI profile 24" 1 turn in twelve. Don't have many, wound up with them primarily by mistake. Long story! Wilson Arms, no longer made. I have pretty much the "world supply", which still isn't many. Seems to be a total of five!! Anyway, these are fine, fine...
  13. For Sale: M1 Garand WILSON in the white .308 barrels, GI contour

    Standard length and external configuration USGI. These are mostly in a matte/bead blasted grey "in thewhite" finish", 4140 Carbon steel. I have 1 turn in 10" (4 remaining) and 1 turn in 12" (4 remaining). These are WILSON ARMS units, no longer produced. $180.00 shipped. Short chambered...
  14. Want To Buy: USGI SA Bolt and Barrel

    Want To Buy
    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to the M1A/M14 platform. I want to build a rifle using all USGI parts on a forged receiver. I'm looking specifically for an SA USGI bolt and barrel for my build. Please email me to [email protected] if you have either of these parts or other parts that...
  15. Need help with identifying a barrel

    The M14
    Picked up an M1a. Receiver has an early 90's serial. I am trying to identify the barrel. Any help would e appreciated! Thanks!
  16. 26" Browning Sweet 16 barrel

    I have a 26" Belgium plain not ported Browning sweet 16 barrel. Great condition, a little wear on the outside but the bore looks brand new. Asking $300
  17. Explain heavy barrel to me

    What is not clear is if heavy contour needs a different oprod guide. If I bought a Krieger heavy bbl, would it come with a proper guide?
  18. How Do I Clean the Barrel?

    The M14
    Hi, I would like to know EXACTLY what to do when cleaning the barrel of an M1A. I plan on buying a 25" Dewey rod with a guide, Hoppes solvent, a bronze .30 cal brush, 2" round patches,and stripper clips to hold the bolt back. What I don't understand is what order to do things in when it comes...
  19. Putting a full length barrel in a Socom 2

    Modern M14
    Just got my brand new Socom 2 rifle. i absolutely love it. Thing looks awesome and works flawlessly. Just wondering however if it would be possible to fit a full length barrel on this gun, and if I did would it still function correctly? This is just a kind of a theoretical question, just...