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  1. The M14
    Bought a preban M1A , it’s a low 71,000 serial range after cleaning it I noticed very weird markings on the barrel. The only marking I can clearly make out is Geneseo IL with a ouch mark. I can’t make out what all these other stamp over stamps are. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hi, New to the platform and new to the forum here. I was wondering whether anyone here with has 6.5 has run a shorter barrel than the standard 22". I prefer shorter barrels for maneuverability--both in terms of weight and getting through brush, etc., so I'm considering cutting my M1A in 6.5...
  3. The M14
    Anyone else have one of these marks in their barrel? I finally got my rifle complete, took it out to the range and got a few rounds through her. This is the problem child rifle that I'm sure some of you have seen me post before. Gave it a quick cleaning, and got a patch stuck in the bore. I...
  4. The M14
    Hello folks. Years ago I acquired a 'new' TRW parts kit along with a 'gone thru' (from SEI) Springfield M1A (69,). I love my accurate and reliable M1A. Lately I've been wondering what to do with my parts kit. Most parts were in their wrap. I've got everything except a receiver. I'm not up to...
  5. LRB Arms
    Did you know LRB Arms works on ALL makes & models of the M14, not just our own? Send us your parts for a barreled action, complete rifle build, re-barrel, glass bedding, and other M14 gunsmithing needs. At $45/hr labor, you'll get the service and quality we strive to achieve every day! Click...
  6. Gunsmithing
    I have an M1A loaded that needs to have its barrel replaced. I was hoping to switch to a scout-type shorter barrel. Would I have to buy a medium contour barrel? Or would the normal ones work?
  7. The M14
    Picked up an M1a. Receiver has an early 90's serial. I am trying to identify the barrel. Any help would e appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Gunsmithing
    What is not clear is if heavy contour needs a different oprod guide. If I bought a Krieger heavy bbl, would it come with a proper guide?
1-8 of 22 Results