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  1. M16 AR15
    Hello everyone , new member here. I need your help in choosing the best carry handle mount. By the research i have already done i came down to these two brands. 1) SMITH ENTERPRISE 2) ARMS Which one of the two would you choose and why? If you know any other brands that are equally good or...
  2. The M14
    Getting ready to put optics on my M1A Scout and have pretty much decided the ARMS 18 split rail is exactly what Im looking for. You guys could probably guess the problem with this conclusion. So the question is: Is the Promag PM081 a viable stand in for an ARMS 18 split rail mount? Id just go...
  3. PX
    I am selling an ARMS 18 scope mount for the M14. It is the one piece rail not the split rail type. This was test mounted on my M14 but the scope sat so low it hit my NM aperture hood so I went with a different mount altogether. $160 shipped
  4. PX
    SOLD Selling my ARMS 18 mount, got it in a trade but will not work with my EBR setup due to the front screw pertruding, anyways it is used. Pics upon request. Asking 150 shipped OBO. Email for quick response!
1-4 of 4 Results