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  1. The M14
    Getting ready to put optics on my M1A Scout and have pretty much decided the ARMS 18 split rail is exactly what Im looking for. You guys could probably guess the problem with this conclusion. So the question is: Is the Promag PM081 a viable stand in for an ARMS 18 split rail mount? Id just go...
  2. SPF
    Please buy my safe queen. I have a Sage Chassis M1A NM. I bought it because I love my loaded so much but just don't shoot it as much as the loaded. Now I reluctantly have decided to give her to a better home. I am the second owner. Total round count is under 400. Only feed her fgmm 168's. And...
  3. The M14
    Yes, another one of these and I'm sorry. I simply cannot find my problem anywhere on here. So here's my problem. I've got a socom 16 with an ARMS 18 mount. I have a trijicon ACOG TA11E on top of that. Set up the mount precisely to the directions (at least I think so) took to the range and shoot...
  4. PX
    I am selling an ARMS 18 scope mount for the M14. It is the one piece rail not the split rail type. This was test mounted on my M14 but the scope sat so low it hit my NM aperture hood so I went with a different mount altogether. $160 shipped
  5. SPF
    Prices, include delivery, CONUS. **The magazines I listed as Winchester (2nd set of 3, pictured), I am researching, as to their authenticity. I listed them as Wnchester, due to the W on the spine. I will continue to research and, even post pictures as soon as possible. I don't want to sell...
  6. PX
    This Mount came with my SAI Scout Purchase. After reading the directions & this Forum, I bought a Bassett (discretion being the better part of valor...) GI3 Am asking $165 with shipping & Insurance included ( FEDEX ground.) I am new to the Forum, basing this price off of other PX posts...
1-6 of 6 Results