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  1. SPF
    Up for sale is an excellent condition Springfield Armory M1A Devine rifle. This rifle is serial numbered 00097# and comes with two GI 20 round magazines and a GI bipod. Unknown if this rifle was ever fired but the barrel and chamber and rest of the rifle is immaculate. I have included...
  2. Pictures
    Hey all, I have some pictures of my beloved M14. Sorry the pictures are kind of small, I am overseas and had my dad get some pictures and email them to me. It is a Fulton Armory service rifle, with the Brookfield DMR mount, IOR Valdada 4x14 tactical scope with illuminated MP-8 reticle, and the...
  3. The M14
    Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have some general questions regarding my particular M14/M1A. It is a Fulton Armory Service Rifle. I have put the Fulton Armory Brookfield type mount with a IOR Valdada 4x14 tactical scope with the illuminated MP-8 reticle. It currently sits...
1-3 of 3 Results