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    Want To Buy
    Greetings Everyone, I would like to buy a Bushmaster 90242, preferably one that has less that 500 rounds through it. All the specs for the rifle are listed below, I have $650 (shipped) for anybody that has one to sell. Thanks for looking! UPC# 604206022769 Action Semi-Automatic Caliber...

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings and good morning from eastern WV! Been lurking for a while and finally had a question for which I couldn't find an answer, so I pulled the trigger on registering. Already asked the question down in the ammo forum, because (I'll admit it) I didn't read the instructions asking for a...
  3. Problem with ar15: the bolt won't completely open when last round shooted

    M16 AR15
    Hello everyone I have a mysterious problem with my ar15: after 1000 shots without issues, now it fails to catch the bolt completely open after the last round is shooted. 1-If I hold pulled the bolt catch and i shoot the last round it works properly and the bolt stay open correctly. 2-The...
  4. Recreating my Vietnam-issue Rifle

    M16 AR15
    I've been working on this rifle for several months now. Started with a slab-side, non-FAD, 1975 Colt SP1, which came with an A2 buttstock (shown), an A2 grip (replaced with A1 shown), a black nylon 'silent sling' (replaced with M1 Garand-style OD cotton web sling shown), and a standard 20-round...
  5. For Sale: KNIGHTS M5 RAS Surefire KAC BUIS

    I have a new Knights M5 RAS complete with panels and grip. Never mounted on my AR. Decided to put a Troy Alpha Rail on instead. $160 shipped. My loss is your gain. Also have a new Surefire M952N series light. Got it in a trade deal, just not my thing. New in the package still, has an extra P60...
  6. For Sale: 10 Colt AR15 30rd USGI mags

    SPF I overbought from Dire88 by 10 mags, so they're for sale. I have them in my possession. See http://m14forum.com/bx/128166-colt-ar15-mags-round-3-a.html. I just want what I paid for them, which is $200. I'll ship for free (within reason). I don't want to ship them as a rebuild kit, so I...
  7. For Trade: Trijicon TA70: M14 / M1A Low Profile Picatinny Rail Mount

    The TA70 attaches to the M1A platform and offers three points of contact that secure your scope for optimal performance. I have two of them for sale. Retails for $583.00 direct from Trijicon with a four week delivery time. Get yours today. Looking to sell for the right offer or trade 1 for a M1A...
  8. M16 - the original green rifle?

    Full Automatics
    Got in an argument over this but can't turn up a final answer- my memory is that at least some of the original M16s issued were green (olive drab) in color as opposed to black, possibly green while still designated as AR15s. Am I crazy or is my friend misinformed as usual? {Oops,, this came...