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ar15 mags
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  1. SPF
    Good evening all, I have a bunch of 30rd magazines for sale. The condition of the mags are good to excellent, the followers are a bit dirty on some but that is about it. They come in a variety of Colt, magpul, USGI, etc. (10) tan anti-tilt followers, (8) USGI green followers and (4) Magpul mags...
  2. BX
    Hi folks we have CMI m1a mags $20 each $10 flat shipping, also mid 1980's portug- 147gr nc/ berdan primed,fmj $600.00 a case or $130 -200 rnd battle pack this is really good stuff. Also ar-15 mags 20 and 30 rnd for $8 each $10 flat shipping. let us know what we can do for you Thanks Paul and Jim...
1-2 of 2 Results