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  1. Ammunition
    Has anyone ever order anything from this website Takwai Firearms and Ammo ??? They seem to have a good number of primers, powders and other reloading supplies in stock. But I'd love to get any recommendations, feedbacks and opinions on this...
  2. Ammunition
    Hello guys, How many people here buy ammo from "Outdoor Limited". What do you think their prices are high as compare to others? Comparing deals from here: Outdoor Limited - Online Ammo Retailer | Outdoor Limited | David Ammo
  3. Ammunition
    We are starting an ammo manufacturing business and the only thing we seem to need that we can’t find are buckets or pails. We need the 500 round buckets like Federal uses. Does anyone know the manufacturer or know where to get these buckets? most places that sell buckets are 1 gallon minimum...
  4. Ammunition
    I have owned an SAI M1A for several years, shot it not too often, bought ammo off the shelf. I've fired most everything from .22s to Tank Guns. But I never got close to the bullet making end of things, until now. I got a good deal on a Hornady Auto Progressive (AP) Press, but bare bones. Bought...
  5. Ammunition
    Given what I am describing below where on the Internet do you think I would be best to post this stuff for sale given that I am NOT trying to take advantage of anyone or attempt to get someone to "bid up" projectiles to some astronomic price in the middle of a component shortage? Small...
  6. Ammunition
    308 Winchester 168 Grain Z-Max Zombie Rifle Ammunition 20 Rounds Currently in stock. http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item.asp?sku=0000380962
  7. Ammunition
    Problem with X-14 magazine: I'm reposting this instead of hijacking Different's review. Has anyone else run into this issue? I received my x-14 magazine a week and a half ago for my SAI Scout Squad. The mag will not latch into place when the bolt is closed. With the bolt open I can insert the...
  8. Gun Shows
    To all, Gun Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico: The New Mexico Gun Collectors Ass'n. is holding their late Spring/early Summer Gun Show at the Expo NM State Fairgrounds (in the Lujan buildings). It starts on Saturday the 4th through the 5th of June this year, I will be looking for any good/great...
1-8 of 16 Results