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  1. The SOCOM Rifle
    I recently finished my EBR build off an M1a Socom. In preparation, I bought 500 rounds of Winchester 7.62 ammunition to shoot after it was ready. At the range, I experienced several light strikes/misfires. I made a mod to the trigger and figured I had messed something up so I brought it to my...
  2. Ammunition
    Hello guys, How many people here buy ammo from "Outdoor Limited". What do you think their prices are high as compare to others? Comparing deals from here: Outdoor Limited - Online Ammo Retailer | Outdoor Limited | David Ammo
  3. Ammunition
    Anyone else tried this IMI stuff specifically? Stocking up for NJ. I don’t want to run dry and have to deal with the ammo purchasing while there. Got a decent deal on these, nothing 2021 crazy. Still reloading but it’s nice to have a few neat boxes for a rainy day. I’ve been pleased with IMI...
  4. Ammunition
    For those that don’t reload or can’t find the time anymore, I’m taking a chance on this Magtech 168 grain HPBT sniper match ammo from sgammo. I’ll post an accuracy thread once it comes in and compare it to some Sierra match. Sounds like good stuff and I’ve pasted the link below. 400 rounds...
  5. Ammunition
    anyone ever purchased of off or heard anything about SGammo.com I am looking for some good 168gr 7.62x51 ammo and found some on their site just skeptical because I have never heard of em?
  6. Ammunition
    I'm new to this forum but have been scanning through quite a few threads and cannot find a definite answer here. I realize people mostly shoot milsurp 7.62 out of these. On Classic where I bought the rifle it says it is a ".308" so my question is can I put commercial .308 150gr through this...
  7. Rockies
    Check out Colorado Gun Trader brand new website started this week trying to get up on our feet with new members. buy sell trade or just talk firearms link below. https://www.coloradoguntrader.com/coloradoguntrader/
  8. Ammunition
    Greetings and Happy Almost-4th! First post here (longtime lurker), so I'd just like to say how helpful this site often is - and how you guys seem like pretty good fellers. That intro being said, I'm trying to figure out a plan of attack for long-term usage of my M1A, and I have a question about...
  9. Broken Arrow
    Howdy Buckeroos, Many of us do not know what we really have on hand. I have been socking ammo and supplies away since the late 1970’s, when we were called survivalists – not the current touchy feely preppers. Last June/July we moved our home and business (after thirty-two years) from...
  10. Ammunition
    I'm not proud of it but w/ all the ATF hubbub brewing on the Nitrocellulose issue and the upcoming election; I stocked up on some ammo. SGAmmo has IMI OTM LR MOD-1 in stock so figured I would try that instead of the usual 75 grn PPU match ammo. It's had great reviews and seems like very solid...
  11. Ammunition
    Walmart is selling this Perfecta ammo for 12.44 for box of 20. Made in Italy but on the back it says distributed by TULAMMO. Only Manufacturer I can find in Italy is Fiocchi, which I assume would be a good thing. Wondering if anyone has any impressions on this ammo yet. I'm not sure if it's...
1-11 of 39 Results