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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Zastava PAP and NPAP AK rifles?

    I have seen these rifles for a decent price. I know Zastava makes good stuff, and if these are up to the quality of a real M70 AK they should be good. I do want to see what others think about them before I commit. I do know they lack chrome lining, which is no biggie to me since non of my ammo...
  2. For Sale: Reflex, 1911 trigger, SVD scope, ak stocks etc

    I have an aluminum 1911 trigger with litening holes and an over travel screw. It is in excellent/like new condition. $15 delivered. I have two East German side folding ak47 or ak74 stocks for sale. They have been mounted but are still in perfect condition. They connect to the rear trunion via...