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  1. The SOCOM Rifle
    Recently bought a SOCOM and a TA01B. What mount are you all using for a 4*32 ACOG?
  2. M16 AR15
    I'm fairly new to the forum. First post. I'm unabashedly trolling for compliments with this, but I'd like to hear opinions on my setup. Specifics are: Sig Scorpion Carry 1911 .45 with threaded barrel Eagle Industries Plate Carrier w/ AR500 Plate Sig 516 with ACOG TA31 and Trijicon RMR (I will...
  3. Pictures
    Here is my setup: Polytech M14 with USGI Bolt and Barrel SEI GLFS with Vortex SEI ACOG Mount TA01NSN Multicam Hydroprinting by Custom Coatings in Valrico, FL Thanks, jkacg1
  4. SPF
    $1200.00 PM and post PM sent for fastest response. we know what these are going for new on Gunbroker.com but they dont come with the extras shown here. For example the KF and LIR combo. If you really just have to have the case you can get one on amazon for around $20 that will protect it...
  5. The M14
    Yes, another one of these and I'm sorry. I simply cannot find my problem anywhere on here. So here's my problem. I've got a socom 16 with an ARMS 18 mount. I have a trijicon ACOG TA11E on top of that. Set up the mount precisely to the directions (at least I think so) took to the range and shoot...
  6. BX
    Greetings, I have a Trijicon TA11H-308G mounted on one of my FAL rifles which I would like to trade for a TA11J-308 (green preferably) or a TA11E (again, green prefered). If a trade isn't possible, I'm interested in selling (no low-ball offers!!!); make an offer. My scope is in mint...
  7. PX
    The TA70 attaches to the M1A platform and offers three points of contact that secure your scope for optimal performance. I have two of them for sale. Retails for $583.00 direct from Trijicon with a four week delivery time. Get yours today. Looking to sell for the right offer or trade 1 for a M1A...
  8. Modern M14
    Hey guys i recently purchased an M1a EBR online and i also picked up my trijicon Acog sight. i put it on a GDI mount and i just got back from the range today to sight it in and i had NO LUCK. There were a bunch of army sniper guys there and i asked one to help me out (he was an older guy) After...
1-8 of 8 Results