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  1. Bula Defense XM21 Receiver Question

    The M14
    In my research inspired by reading some of the threads on here I've stumbled upon the Bula Defense XM21 Receiver. I've got a simple question, I think, that can be answered preferably by someone with hands on experience, maybe Tony? Is the XM21 supposed to to; A) be a very convenient option...
  2. Budget accurizing a SA Scout

    Howdy all, In an effort to get ready for boar hunting, I am looking to fine tune the accuracy of my SA Scout, with walnut stock, and Burris Scout scope. I usually use 147gr M80 surplus, and typically get about 1-2" groups (more 2" than 1", I admit) from the bench with bipod. At less than...
  3. BULA/JSA Range Day Review

    The M14
    Guess I typed so much the first time that the "token expired" or some thing - and lost most of the review. Gonna try this AGAIN >:-/ Rifle received about 2 weeks ago. I disassembled it to inspect and clean it (in case any bits of machined metal might be anywhere. Wasn't too tough to take...
  4. 7.62x51mm Ammo by MEN at 200 Yards

    Is this average accuracy at 200 yards or groups should be much tighter. Shot with M1A Scout Squad. See pics.
  5. Is my barrel crooked?

    Modern M14
    I have a SAI Scout. I mounted a CASM Gen II mount after having no luck zeroing the SAI mount. I tought the SAI mount looked crooked, but figured it was just because I was new to this platform. Now that I put the CASM mount on, if I look down the mount it's way left of the front sight. Today at...
  6. Troy MCS and Accuracy

    The M14
    Thought I would post some info regarding various ammo accuracy through M14 mounted in the Troy MCS Mod 1. The three images depict the comparisons for 147, 150, 165 and 175 as listed on the images. 150 and 175 had the best accuracy as can be seen. The right side of Figure 3 depicts an MOA of .75...
  7. Just Bought NIB Super Match in McMillan Stock

    The M14
    Ok, With all the tinkering and fear of my Loaded not shooting like I want it to; I bid on a NIB Super Match SA9804 in McMillan stock. I got it at a lower price than those listed on Buds and similar websites and it is close enough for store pickup so there won't be shipping costs... What are...
  8. I need help shooting bad groups with my brand new M1A

    I bought a brand new M1A standard last year, and I've put less than 1000 rounds through it. I can't get less than 4 moa from the bench with it, and I'm startung to panic. I have a standard M1A it has a Vortex 3-12x50 on the mount that Springfield makes and adjustable rings. I have shot many...
  9. New to the forum and need some Info

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm new to the forum and just ordered a Socom 16. I have a few questions about the gun. My local gun shop told me that they can't give me an approximate month when it will arrive. I contacted SAI and they couldn't give me much all they said is somewhere between 3-6 months but "probably not...
  10. These projectiles for my M14 clone and M1D?

    Hey guys, I plan to start loading for my M1D in 30-06 and for an M14 clone in 7.62 NATO that I will soon have... GI1 I am looking for a plinking/target load that is not intended for serious long range shooting but is accurate and affordable. I have heard that Nosler Competition Custom...
  11. Best long range scope for M1A

    I have an unmodified M1A that I want to add a long range scope onto. Looking for the best recommended long range scope (killer accuracy and focus up to 1000 yds). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. No ferrule tension good or bad?

    First off, i have been reading a lot about reinforcing my flimsy SA synthetic stock (loaded model), or purchasing a new stock in the future. While looking over my rifle i have found something interesting and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how it may effect my accuracy/poi shift...
  13. First trip to the range with my new SOCOM 16

    This is my first post so I apologize if it's in the wrong place or anything. I finally got my new SOCOM 16 on Monday and was able to get to the range without the wind blowing 30+ mph this morning. I only had time to put 20 rounds through it before work but overall I am pretty happy with the...
  14. Wood Stock Protectant

    The M14
    Hi, I will be buying a SA M1A NM very soon and I would like to know what my best option is for protecting the wood against the elements. I'm not too concerned with scratches and digs, but I am very concerned with the wood warping or expanding due to exposure to freezing temps, rain, snow, and...
  15. Books to Improve the Shooter?

    The M14
    Hi, I'm looking for books that can improve my ability to shoot accurately. I'd imagine good books cover breathing, wind reading, shooting positions, and other things that are related to the shooter. I would like the book to explain how to make the shooter (NOT JUST THE RIFLE) more accurate at...
  16. looking for some advice and guidance

    so today I dropped of my sa loaded m1a at the gunsmith so he could install my arms # 18 mount, smith medium rings, and leupold mark 4 3.5-10x40 m1 illum tmr. just looking for general pointers, what to do, what not to do. what about ammo? good? bad? not too bad? and by the way, this is my first...
  17. Did It!

    Modern M14
    Yep! Ordered a forged 7.62mm barreled action today! Now it's gonna seem like Christmas Eve for the next week until it arrives! So here's the can of worms I'm gonna open, and I hope ya'll will give me your best opinions, pro or con... What stock should I dress this baby with? At the moment...