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  1. Modern M14
    M14EBR.US is here as a supporting vendor, we are here to help you modernize your M14 and M1A rifles.
  2. Accuracy
    This is going to be lengthy so I apologize. Had a coworker bring me a Socom CQB to try and improve group sizes on. Initially it shot about a 5” group at 100 with 175gr Mk 316 mod 0 ammo. It has a Delta P muzzle adapter up front with a schuster adjustable gas plug tuned for his suppressor...
  3. Accuracy
    Howdy all, In an effort to get ready for boar hunting, I am looking to fine tune the accuracy of my SA Scout, with walnut stock, and Burris Scout scope. I usually use 147gr M80 surplus, and typically get about 1-2" groups (more 2" than 1", I admit) from the bench with bipod. At less than...
  4. The SOCOM Rifle
    I would like to know from anyone who has a socom in a troy chassis what kind of optic they are using. Specifically those who set their rifle up for cqb/ med range applications. And what kind of accuracy they have acheived with it. I am using an Elcan Specter DR 1-4 and am able to consistently...
1-4 of 4 Results