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  1. BX
    This is a Documented Navy Trophy Rifle, 7.62X51mm M1. This rifle is as it was purchased in 1988. The rifle was boxed by Crane Naval Depot in December 1984 and was awarded to a High Navy Shooter at NRA National Matches at Camp Perry in 1986. It has a SA receiver, bolt, op rod, and trigger...
  2. PX
    I have 750 rounds of rad green for sale. I believe it is of 92'-93' lot. Verdejo primed. It's on stripper clips and in 75rnd bandoleers. It shot well from my scout. If anyone is interested I'm asking 600.00obo. I will try to add a pic later from my laptop, cannot seem to from this phone.
  3. Ammunition
    Hi, Does anyone know of any Simunition (or a similar paintball type product DESIGNED TO SHOOT AT PEOPLE) that can be adapted for use through an M1A? I've found plenty of 9mm and 5.56 but no .30 cal, which seems odd for such a popular round. Is the 7.62 too powerful for "paintball" type rounds...
1-3 of 3 Results