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7.62x51 ammo
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  1. Ammunition
    Stuff went boom no problem, just as expected. It is cheapo stuff so I didn't have high expectations from the factory loaded stuff. Anyone get around to loading it?? I could've sworn I tried and reload it a few years back and broke off a few pins. Thought I remembered it had tiny flash hole...
  2. PX
    I have 300 rnds of Privi Partizan, 145gr, boxer primed, non corrosive ammo. I'm asking $225.00 on armslist. Will let it go for $200.00 on here. I also have (5) new c.m.i. Mags for m1a. 20 rounders. Would like to get $125.00 for them. Would prefer to stay local to southern indiana...
  3. Want To Buy
    Im looking to purchase the brown ammo cans that the south african 140 round 7.62x51 ammo battle packs come in. Each ammo can can hold 9 battle packs for a total round count of 1260. Again I want to purchase the South African 7.62x51 ammo cans. PM me here or email.
  4. Ammunition
    Im new the the whole M14/m1a word, I originally got a springfield basic m1a but then found a Fulton armory one I liked more so I got that as well, while doing this in the process I have aquired various types of ammo, Im just wondering whats good to shoot in it and if any is corossive how should...
  5. BX
    Hi folks we have CMI m1a mags $20 each $10 flat shipping, also mid 1980's portug- 147gr nc/ berdan primed,fmj $600.00 a case or $130 -200 rnd battle pack this is really good stuff. Also ar-15 mags 20 and 30 rnd for $8 each $10 flat shipping. let us know what we can do for you Thanks Paul and Jim...
  6. PX
    Hi everyone, I am selling new Checkmate Industries usgi 20 rnd mags for $20 each flat rate shipping of $10.00 for 1-10 mags for every 5 after that shipping will be a few $ more. I have 300 of them. Also I am selling mid 1980's port. 7.62x51 ammo N/C berdan primed 147gr for $600.00 a case 5-200...
1-6 of 6 Results