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  1. The M14
    i have a early fulton with a HR chrome lined barrel. now i know that there are differences (case vol/ pressure/ shoulder angle?) between 7.62nato and .308win. so my question to the m14/ ma1 guru's... am i wrong in just using 7.62nato ammunition? or can i use .308win as well.
  2. Ammunition
    Greetings and Happy Almost-4th! First post here (longtime lurker), so I'd just like to say how helpful this site often is - and how you guys seem like pretty good fellers. That intro being said, I'm trying to figure out a plan of attack for long-term usage of my M1A, and I have a question about...
  3. The M14
    M1A Enthusiasts, I recently purchased my first rifle, An M1A Scout Squad with walnut stock, I put 10 rounds through it, and then reloaded and shot four more rounds and then...nothing... I found out that the extractor had broken... As many have said I talked to SA CS and found them to be...
  4. Foreign
    I have seen these rifles for a decent price. I know Zastava makes good stuff, and if these are up to the quality of a real M70 AK they should be good. I do want to see what others think about them before I commit. I do know they lack chrome lining, which is no biggie to me since non of my ammo...
1-4 of 9 Results