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7.62 x 51
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  1. The SOCOM Rifle
    I recently finished my EBR build off an M1a Socom. In preparation, I bought 500 rounds of Winchester 7.62 ammunition to shoot after it was ready. At the range, I experienced several light strikes/misfires. I made a mod to the trigger and figured I had messed something up so I brought it to my...
  2. SPF
    WTS in Tampa Bay, FL: 1000rd case of Portuguese surplus 7.62mm 1 crate of 1000 rounds of 147gr FMJ Portuguese Surplus 7.62mm x 51mm NATO. This is the good stuff that was in such high demand back in the 2000s when the milsurp ammo was still flowing into the US. Very high quality, very accurate...
  3. PX
    I have 900 rnds of 7.62 x 51 CAVIM which is boxer primed brass. This ammo shot very well for me and is dated '93, been stored properly and is nine sleeves of five 20 rnd boxes per sleeve. $ 60/100 or $ 500 for lot. Email or call 812-228-6383
1-3 of 3 Results