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  1. SPF
    SOLD Bought this upper on a whim this previous winter, mostly just to add another piston to my AR quiver. I liked the retro-ish looks and had a few project plans for it but time is passing by, I haven't even shot it yet, and got too many things going on in the background. So, gonna let her go...
  2. BX
    2 brand new and 6 used $150.method of payment is PayPal only. [URL=http://s1314.photobucket.com/user/Jacob_Sventko/media/jpeg_zps7116fe02
  3. BX
    I have for sale 740 rounds of 65 Grain 223. They have the steel penetrator for a core. Selling all 740 for $500 plus shipping.
1-3 of 3 Results