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.308 ammo
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  1. PX
    I have 750 rounds of rad green for sale. I believe it is of 92'-93' lot. Verdejo primed. It's on stripper clips and in 75rnd bandoleers. It shot well from my scout. If anyone is interested I'm asking 600.00obo. I will try to add a pic later from my laptop, cannot seem to from this phone.
  2. Ammunition
    Getting into reloading. Questions - opinions needed please Hello, my name is Rob. I just recently got 2 good deals on a .308 DSA fal and a m1a. I also just bought 250 rounds of .308 American eagle ammo. maybe .45acp down the road So I have a 3 part question will break it down. ****added...
  3. SPF
    I've got 900 rnds of 7.62 x 51 NATO made by CAVIM for sale, $ 400 plus shipping OBO. Its '93 or so manufacture, fully annealed, non-corrosive and boxer primed (re-loadable) in 20 rnd boxes, 5 boxes per sleeve. I've had good success with this ammo. I'm in Indiana and am presuming I can ship it...
  4. BX
    Hi Folks, We are selling Checkmate Industries 20rnd m1a mags for $20.00 each flat rate shipping of $10.00 We have 300 of these to get rid of. Also mid 1980's port.ammo N/C 147g berdan primed $600.00 for 1000 rnd case shipping flat rate $30.00 Also ar-15 20 and 30 rnd mags $8.00 and $10.00...
1-4 of 4 Results