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308 ammo
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  1. The SOCOM Rifle
    I recently finished my EBR build off an M1a Socom. In preparation, I bought 500 rounds of Winchester 7.62 ammunition to shoot after it was ready. At the range, I experienced several light strikes/misfires. I made a mod to the trigger and figured I had messed something up so I brought it to my...
  2. Ammunition
    Hi guys, I wanted to try out a range of different ammo for my M1A (LRB NM, medium weight, 1:10 twist, chrome moly, parkerized barrel). I was looking at some Federal Premium 125gr TRU, Fiocchi 150gr FMJ, and Federal Premium 175gr BTHP rounds. Can anyone tell me what results I should expect with...
  3. The M14
    M1A Enthusiasts, I recently purchased my first rifle, An M1A Scout Squad with walnut stock, I put 10 rounds through it, and then reloaded and shot four more rounds and then...nothing... I found out that the extractor had broken... As many have said I talked to SA CS and found them to be...
  4. Ammunition
    Hello from a newbie. I saw on the interweb that CMP is now selling 308 ammo. Anyone else tried it yet? It is made by a company called Atomic. Their website says its made in America. 200 rounds of match grade 308 with Nosler Bullets. I cut and pasted this description from CMP. .308 caliber...
  5. PX
    I have 900 rnds of 7.62 x 51 CAVIM which is boxer primed brass. This ammo shot very well for me and is dated '93, been stored properly and is nine sleeves of five 20 rnd boxes per sleeve. $ 60/100 or $ 500 for lot. Email or call 812-228-6383
1-5 of 5 Results