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  1. 1911 - Single Stack Double Stack Part Interchangeability

    I understand 1911 parts are rarely, if ever, drop in, but which parts are typically shared between double stack (2011) and single stack 1911s? Are the sear and hammer interchangeable? Can a normal trigger be attached to a double stack trigger bow? I'm finding surprisingly little information...
  2. Who will win M14OTM for May?

    Time for May M14OTM... the voting poll will run until May 31. The following M14's had 1 or more seconds and will go into this month's voting: Charlene32's M1A Scout B 2/75's Crane-built SOPMOD M14 tonybens's M14 special Good luck!
  3. Ammunition Recall Link

    Here is a link for Ammunition being recalled by the Manufacturer. Thought it would be helpful: It is updated. http://www.firearmsid.com/Recalls/Ammo_Recalls%201.htm