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  1. 1903 vs 1903A3 scope base question

    Steel and Wood
    I've been searching high and low and I'm just not finding a definitive answer to my question about 1903 scope bases and mounts. I have a Remington 1903 that has been drilled and tapped and I am working on turning it into as close to an A4 clone as I can. I'm basically down to finding the right...
  2. RRMW 03A4 w/ Replica M1D Pad and Scope Cover

    Steel and Wood
    I installed the replica M1D cheek pad and replica leather scope covers the other day. Shooting with the cheek pad is a lot more comfortable. I know it's not regulation but just thought I would share ;).
  3. Want To Buy: 1903A3 or 1903A4 Receiver and Sights

    Want To Buy
    Looking for 03A3 or 03A4 RA Receiver that is original, not reworked drill rifle. Also need complete rear sight incl base and pins and complete front sight. Am converting Nat Ord receiver 03A3 rifle to RA receiver rifle that I am comfortable in shooting. Thanks Email offers please to...