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  1. Stock
    I love my Wipe-out bore cleaner, don't have to worry about it stripping chrome out, great at getting copper out, and great at stripping the finish off my stocks.... Was doing multiple rifles and set my 1903 Mark 1 on it's side while i was letting the cleaner do its thing. Came back later and...
  2. Steel and Wood
    I've been searching high and low and I'm just not finding a definitive answer to my question about 1903 scope bases and mounts. I have a Remington 1903 that has been drilled and tapped and I am working on turning it into as close to an A4 clone as I can. I'm basically down to finding the right...
  3. Bolt Action
    Hey there! I'm a FNG...find my brief intro in the new user forum (FNG from WI) I'm looking for advice on my latest project. I have an 03A3 barreled action that has been in my family for 50-60 years. My Grandfather purchased a bunch of REM A3 barreled actions I believe in the mid 50s. He...
1-3 of 5 Results