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LRB M25 with Heavy Satern Liberty Barrel
fulton m21, bedded, with heavy satern stainless NM barrel
armscorp m14 with 18.5 inch heavy barrel
SEI Clone built with SEI, USGI, and Springfield parts
"The Reaper" Custom Fulton Armory Crazy Horse
Upgraded socom 16 in aluminum stock
LRB m14 with a heavy Barnett profile Douglas Barrel
Fulton M21 in Mcmillan
Upgraded SAI NY Compliant Loaded Bedded in McMillan
SEI Upgraded Socom 16 Bush Style Rifle
This goal of this project was to build a reasonable replica of a T44E4 rifle as made in 1955 at Springfield Armory, and on occasion, use the rifle in CMP Modern Military matches or local/informal 'vintage service rifle' matches. In the future, I'll be adding a unique prototype hinged scope mount...
A few months I completed my ALL BULA build (minus a few USGI trigger parts and mid-70's SAI stock). This was the second M14 build I have done, my first being an Armscorp/TRW build. The reasons I chose to build a BULA are two-fold: 1). BULA Defense Systems produces one of the finest M14...
The goal of this project was to replicate a Navy M14 Sniper Security Rifle (SSR) circa mid-200Xs.
WINCHESTER M14 This is a standard issue M14, featuring an SEI. receiver and all Winchester manufactured M14 parts. What is not Winchester is KMTco. and all are USGI. Nearly all parts are new having been removed from the tube or wrapper by myself. It took years and much money to get this...
Custom built super match
A retro build of mine
The goal of this project was to replica an early National Match M14 rifle circa 1963-1967.