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General Information

A few months I completed my ALL BULA build (minus a few USGI trigger parts and mid-70's SAI stock). This was the second M14 build I have done, my first being an Armscorp/TRW build. The reasons I chose to build a BULA are two-fold:

1). BULA Defense Systems produces one of the finest M14 platform rifles today
2). My first build was a TRW and they were located in Cleveland, Ohio back in the 1960's when they were making rifles for Uncle Sam. Bula Defense Systems are also located in Cleveland, Ohio today so I wanted to have an M14 platform rifle from yesterday and today. Plus, I am a native Ohioan born and raised in Northeast Ohio

List of parts used are as follows and were "new or "as new" condition:

(1) BULA Defense Receiver Serial # 5011 (2017): Headspace 1.632
(1) BULA Defense Standard 22” Barrel, Non-Chrome, 1 in 10 twist (2017)
(1) BULA Defense Connector & Pin
(1) BULA Defense Op Rod
(1) BULA Defense Op Rod Guide & Pin
(1) BULA Defense Bolt
(1) BULA Defense Bolt Internal Kit
(1) BULA Defense Chrome Firing Pin
(1) BULA Defense Bolt Stop, Spring & Pin
(1) BULA Defense Gas Cylinder
(1) BULA Defense Gas Lock
(1) BULA Defense Gas Piston
(1) BULA Defense Gas Plug
(1) BULA Defense Spindle Valve Assembly
(1) BULA Defense Front Band
(1) BULA Defense Flash Suppressor
(1) BULA Defense Sight and Screw
(1) BULA Defense Castle Nut
(1) BULA Defense Rear Sight (unmarked Windage, WCE Elevation-meters
(1) BULA (USGI) Hand Guard & Clip
(1) BULA Defense Clip Guide & Pin
(1) BULA Defense Op Rod Spring Guide
(1) BULA Defense Op Rod Spring
(1) BULA Defense Trigger Housing
(1) BULA Defense Hammer
(1) USGI Hammer Pin
(1) USGI Trigger Pin
(1) USGI Plunger Housing
(1) USGI Plunger
(1) USGI Plunger Spring
(1) USGI Safety (unmarked)
(1) USGI Safety Spring
(1) USGI Trigger Guard
(1) USGI Trigger
(1) USGI Stock Liner
(1) USGI Butt Plate and Screws
(1) SAI Walnut Figured Stock with Swivels
(1) Checkmate Industries (CMI) Magazine

The stock I used for this is a mid 1970's SAI that I took off my circa 1976 SAI rifle. I cleaned it real good with Starbrite cleaner, Whitener and then applied three coats of Starbrite Teak Oil. I think it came out pretty nice for a novice.

I am very, very impressed with the quality of both the BULA the barreled receiver and small parts!!! I would highly recommend considering Bula Defense Systems if you want a quality M14 rifle.

I would like to extend a special thanks to forum members CustomsCop and TonyBen for making this project a reality. I was also able to keep the cost of this rifle well under $1500 because of these gentlemen.

The Once-Ler


My son Nicolas with BULA M14 Rifle