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      flip180 said:
      I ordered a butstock cleaning kit on-line and have some Tetra gun grease on the way through my local gunstore. I gave the gun a thorough cleaning a couple of nights ago and will clean the chamber properly with the chamber brush when the cleaning kit comes in. I will grease it up as previously described by MassMark and have another go at it with the ten rounder in the gun. If that doesn't do it, I have seven 20 round USGI mags on the way from Armalite and will see what those do when they come in.

      Thanks, Flip.
      Cleaning the chamber is one thing and using that issue M14 cleaning kit to run your barrel is another. I and many wouldn't recommend it as that steel rod is very rough on the barrel and crown damage is a definite concern. If you mess up your crown you'll see your accuracy fly out the window.
      You might think about getting a OTIS kit which will let you clean from the chamber to the muzzle and protect your barrel crown. If not that than a good rod and bore guide like Dewey's would be my next choice.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts

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